Northern Uganda

The regions of Uganda are known as Central, Western, Eastern, and Northern. These four regions are in turn divided into districts. There were 56 districts in 2002, which expanded into 111 districts plus one city (Kampala) by 2010.
Major cities in Northern Uganda include Arua, Gulu, Kaabong, Kitgum, Lira
Pader and Pakwach.
Other main destinations include:
- Ajai Game Reserve - boasts a deluxe safari camp under construction just outside its borders. A small reserve at 16,600 hectares, located on the east bank of the Albert Nile.
- Aswa-Lolim - A former game reserve that has been turned into farmland, but with a wildlife management programme to manage the wild life that still passes through the area.
- Fort Patiko - a.k.a Baker's Fort, a short drive north of Gulu
- Fort Wadelai - on the west bank of the Albert Nile.
- Kabelaga National Park
- Kidepo Valley National Park - located in the extreme NE corner of Uganda on the Sudan border. Incredible birds and wildlife including elephant, zebra, ostrich and massive buffalo herds.
- Murchison Falls National Park - offers a very nice boat trip getting surrounded by crocodiles and hippos. The nearby waterfall is dramatic and beautiful, as the entire Nile river plunges down 45 m (150 ft) and through a 7 m (23 ft) wide crevice. It is possible to do safaris - Murchison is full of a variety of wildlife, including elephants, giraffes, hartbeast, buffalo, and a few lions and leopards.