Train Women to Come Out of Poverty

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Helping Women and Girls
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$5 means one day training material for 30 women.

School of Business: Train women to earn & live


Many are sinking deeper into poverty and needs are growing as crisis spreads: many women, girls in our target area are uneducated and dropout of school at a young age. Poorest among are struggling to put food on table. Many postpone their children’s education just to keep their families fed. They put off health care needs to pay basic utilities. They postpone dreams or stop saving money because there's nothing extra to save.

The secret of training is to empower, restore and regenerate women and girls. When women and girls are poor, families and communities cannot be strong. Women living in poverty face greater challenges in earning a steady income, educating and feeding their children, and escaping violence. More than ten lakh people around the world live on less than ten rupees a day and women makes majority of the world's poorest citizens. Women face much number of economic barriers in developing countries, such as unequal low wages, bad working conditions, property rights, and lack of access to credit.

There are still millions of women and girls who remain in poverty and are exploited, despite their long hours of hard labour. It is our social responsibility to bring the deprived and hapless women and girls into the mainstream, so as to enable them to avail the new opportunities that are developing with the ongoing economic reforms in our country.

Our solution
CHHASE looks forward to generate confidence in women and girls by further strengthening their qualities of leadership, their self-confidence, their bargaining power and their representation in policy making.

Poor and illiterate women and girls from rural areas are imparted training in leadership, management, accounting, crafts, textile designing, toys making, Brick making, healthcare, literacy and rural based business like fruit, vegetable, spices vending in streets and in roadsides.

The literate young women and girls in villages shall be given free computer training through computer centres set up by CHHASE. Their strength of solidarity, which is above caste and creed, helps them support each other in adversity. Through CHHASE, these rural women and girls can experience the joy of success with collective action. Today's woman and girls needs to step forward and initiate development projects, better village governance, awareness and quality life. With the financial support and entrepreneurship and education, women and girls can get opportunities to break the cycle of poverty.

Our Objectives
- Provision of income skills to girls and women.
- Creating awareness among oppressed women and girls about their rights in society.
- Giving self-confidence to these disadvantaged women and girls by providing them with skills which will enable them to avail jobs opportunities in industries or set up their own micro business.
- Empowering poor girls of age between 18-35 years, with stitching, embroidery training and rural based vending business and literate poor girls of age between 18-35 with computer trainings.
- Provision of marketing skills (Survey, production and sales)
- Self-help group (SHG) formation and micro loan for girls and women.
- Educating women and girls about the health issues and their healthy life through conducting seminars and workshops.
- Creating job opportunity and encouraging self-employment.
- Providing necessary infrastructure for self-employment, wherever possible.

Provision of income skills
Women and girls in India need to acquire remunerative and marketable skills which are not taught at home, such as facility with computers, fluency in an internationally spoken language, financial skills, and knowledge of social systems. New methods to promote interactive and collaborative learning can help develop critical thinking and decision-making skills and instil a habit of lifelong learning-capacities that will equip girls for a rapidly changing world.

One day training material for 30 women for sewing or embroidery training.

Our projects can be visited only on weekends from 10AM to 3PM. It takes approx.90 minutes from Chennai in a taxi. Please contact 044-9443991504 or [email protected] if you are interested in arranging a visit.

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