Maasai Girls Education Fund

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Helping Children, Education, Women and Girls
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Sends 1 girl to a Life Skills Workshop.

Scholarship Program

MGEF is working to educate Maasai women and the members of the community in which they live. Our scholarships, awarded to Maasai girls, are continuous until each student has the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce in Kenya. This is a long-term commitment to improve the literacy, health, and economic well-being of Maasai women, their families, and their communities. 

Community Education

Throughout the year, we organize workshops to address the social customs and cultural beliefs that prevent girls from getting an education, sustain illiteracy, contribute to the spread of HIV, and perpetuate poverty among the Maasai. We also address the need for economic self-sufficiency among Maasai women, by leading business trainings. Our Community Education programming is facilitated entirely by Maasai educators, counselors, and health care professionals. 

Capacity Building

All of our work is designed in consultation with the Maasai community and implemented by the Maasai people. We support a community-based organization (CBO) in Kajiado, Kenya that administers all scholarships and workshops. This close working relationship with the community ensures that our work is culturally appropriate, and results in shared ownership and pride in our achievements.

Life Skills Workshops help to reduce teen pregnancy, early marriage, FGM, and the spread of HIV, all significant factors contributing to girls' dropping out of school.

This project can be visited throughout the year, Monday through Friday, and on the weekends if scheduled in advance. Please bear in mind that school holidays in Kenya take place in April, August, and December.

Kajiado Town is about an hour and twenty minute drive from Nairobi. Visitors will need to arrange for their own transportation, although we are happy to offer suggestions.

Some of our students attend boarding schools in Kajiado Town, making it very easy for travelers to meet MGEF girls in person. Community Workshops usually take place on Saturdays, and are also open to visitors. Please contact Lucy Ntayia [email protected] in order to arrange a visit.

What To Bring

Books, supplies, and pictures of the travelers (our students love being able to hold onto these).

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