Preventing Child Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism

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Helping Children, Education
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You are helping protect a child.

The project Preventing Child Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism aims to raise awareness amongst tourism industry personnel to report suspicious behavior toward sexual exploitation of children hence immediately action will be taken to rescue the child .

The project involves the training to tourism personnel about the consequences once a child is sexually exploited and how the child sex tourism issue affects the tourism industry and society as a whole. It also involves the production of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials to be distributed to travelers to encourage them to take action by reporting to NGO or police hotline if they witness the suspicious behavior toward child sexual exploitation.

This project promotes the code of conduct for the protection of children from sexual exploitation by encouraging the tourism company to establish an ethical corporate policy regarding sexual exploitation of children so that all of their employees are engaged in the protection of children.

A US$5 donation means that you are participating in the protection of children from being sexually exploited in Cambodia.

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