Mental Health For Foster Youth

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Outreach and services to more foster youths.

A Home Within is the only national organization dedicated solely to meeting the emotional needs of foster youth. We recruit mental health professionals who volunteer to see one foster child in weekly therapy—free of charge, for as long as it takes. More than 500 therapists have already worked with over 800 children, teens, and young adults and provided over 2500 therapy years to this highly vulnerable population. A Home Within now has 52 Local Chapters in 24 states, each headed by a local clinician who participates in our three-year Professional Fellowship in the Treatment of Foster Youth.

A Home Within promotes the emotional health of foster children and youth and those who care for them by creating and supporting lasting, caring relationships. Our direct services, professional training, public awareness and advocacy efforts focus solely on enhancing the emotional well being of the foster care community.

We envision a world in which foster children are counted among those who have at least one adult who loves and cares for them.

Opening and maintaining new Local Chapters, outreach so that foster youth and caseworkers know these services are available to them, and recruitment of clinicians.

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