Help 100 Families In Kilembe Community Recover from Floods

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Helping Children, Community Development, Disaster Recovery, Education, Women and Girls
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

Books for a child for a term.

Homes in the Kilembe Mines villages have been wiped off the map due to a heavy down pour. The death toll currently stands at 4 people but sadly, the number is expected to increase. Hundred are injured or displaced and have lost property. Villages have been cut off because bridges have been washed away. It is estimated that the entire nursing quarters village as been washed away.

The project will offer immediate relief and recovery efforts in the aftermath of the heavy down pour that has left homes destroyed and families displaced. Funds will help survivors and victims get necessary immediate relief supplies like food, shelter, water etc and as well as provide long term support like resettling those affected.

Disasters like this require large amounts of support to provide both immediate relief and recovery. The project will provide immediate relief and long term support for disaster victims.

96 page exercise book for one child for a term will be purchases.

Project can be visited after making an appointment. Call Andrew on +256772445180 or email [email protected] It takes about 8 hours to travel to the project by bus from Kampala.

What To Bring

Books, clothes, shoes, bedding are welcome.

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