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Helping Children, Community Development, Education, Sports
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

One coaching lesson to 10 children.

Inspired2Become (I2B) is a registered non-profit organisation that does youth development through sport.
To inspire young people to reach their full potential.
To focus on 2 specific groups of young people who gets over-looked many times and to inspire them, through positive role modeling, relationship building, coaching, mentoring life skills and creating opportunities.
I2B was founded in 2010 by two brothers: Chris van der Merwe & Fanie van der Merwe.
They were raised in a small town called Virginia in the Free State. Chris matriculated in 2002 and Fanie in 2004 at Hentie Cilliërs High School. They both excelled in sport and become great athletes.

10 children can form part of a club for a one hour lessen of sport coaching and joining in on the life skills coaching program. We then provide equipment to the members in need for the lesson.

On weekdays from 3-4:30pm. There are different clubs to choose from on different days in the week. Located in Stellenbosch, it takes about half an hour to an hour to drive out of Cape Town to our clubs. The club details are under our current projects tab on our website. You can also phone at 0027 72 99 27 408 or email at [email protected] for more info.

What To Bring

You can bring your own skateboards, rollerblades or skimboards. You are welcome to donate old equipment.

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