HOPAD Children Home and Women Capacity Building

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Helping Children, Education, Health, Sports, Women and Girls
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

A child stationary expenses for a month.

At HOPAD, we believe that in life, all humans have the same basic rights. Every woman, man and child has the right to nutritious food, good health, a loving home, and a quality education; especially women and children within the helpless, orphaned, poor, affected, and Dalit communities. HOPAD plays an instrumental role as an agent of social change to empower needy and marginalized Nepalese women and children by providing all the elements necessary to increase the capacity to succeed and prosper in the future. 

For more details, please visit www.hopadcwps.org.np and www.nepaliorphan.org 

The HOPAD Volunteer Program welcomes national and international personal and organizational volunteers to participate in the many facets the HOPAD programs have to offer. Volunteers can offer their abilities in all the HOPAD programs in addition to teaching, counseling, medical and community aid, and other social programs.

An orphan child can get school copies,pencils,erases and other needs things (stationary) for his formal education.

t is located in near Patan Durbar, Lalitpur. You can call us or mail us before travel in HOPAD. It is near city area Kathmandu, Nepal. You can play with orphan children and be happy with them. You can also stay in HOPAD as volunteer service 1 day to 9 months. You can see where your money goes on. Thanks for more www.hopadcwps.org.np. Any time and month, you can come, contact +9779841219683 or [email protected]

What To Bring

What you feel for the children need. It is open and free for but smoking and drinking alcohol are prohibited in HOPAD.

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