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Helping Children, Education
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Nutritious food for a child for a week , educational & sports materials, transport & school fees.

This group of projects focuses on children living in rural & slum parts of Tamil Nadu. Our goal is to make education, health, food and shelter accessible for them.

Rosaleen Larkin Children's home: We run a Children's Home for orphans, semi-orphans, abandoned, HIV affected and very poor children who have dropped out of school. We provide accommodation, food, uniform, school books, adequate stationery, and health care. Many of these children have been with us for the past seven years and a few of them have finished school and now pursue higher education. Till date around 244 children have passed out from our Children’s home.

Evening Study Centres (ESC) : In Evening Study Centres, children do their homework under the supervision of tutors. Most of the children have uneducated parents who cannot help them with their homework. This reduces children's performance at school, lowers their self esteem and some of them eventually stop attending school at all. Children from Grade 1 to 8 levels are taken care off in the center. Evening Study Centres have helped to retain the children in schools and the dropout rate has decreased. We successfully run 24 Evening Study Centres. Over 750 very poor students receive free tuition, school bags, uniforms, and other school supplies in a year. We also provide them with nutritional supplements like dates, etc. Around 6897 children have benefited under this scheme.

Non-Residential Educational Support (Scholarship Programme) : This programme has been implemented as an answer to a pertinent question: What will happen to the educational future of the children affected by alcoholic, HIV infected, disabled, and/or chronically ill parents once they stop getting support from ESC as they pass on to the 8th standard. Also, there is a high risk of girl children drop outs from school as their family background demands the employment of their children at a very early age. Hence, we started a community level programme, which takes into account the further education of such children. The students, who have completed the 10th standard, are given vocational counselling. A sum of money is transferred to the students' bank accounts every month and they use the same towards their educational expenses like purchase of stationery, books and other toiletry items. Awareness on health and hygiene, sanitation, life skills, etc. are also taught to them. So far 199 students have received the support under this scheme.

Educational Material Support : Students are provided with Educational material support so that she/he could continue their education without trouble. Selected students are students from our ESC. 268 school students have benefited from the project.

Nutritious food in a day - rice,vegetables & milk for a child for a week , educational materials, school fee, sports materials.

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in arranging a visit.

What To Bring

Stationery for children, books, T shirts, CDs.

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