Empowering Fishing Communities in the MAR Reef

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Helping Community Development, Environment
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$5USD will contribute to bring a fisherman to training/working sessions.

Many communities that live along the Mesoamerican coast are dependent on nearby fish stocks as a primary source of food and for their livelihoods. Additionally abundant fish populations are a key component in a healthy reef. By encouraging community participation in the management of these fish populations, the local people are empowered to take control of their futures and are given a unique opportunity to learn about fisheries management.

Organized fishing communities will be able to request support through an open proposal presentation process, ranging from organizational strengthening, to monitoring their resources or developing management plans.

The project will educate and empower fishing communities to effectively co-manage the natural resources they depend on for their livelihoods. This leads to sustainable fishing practices and conservation in the reef.

It has been calculated that US$30 can cover the costs of transport, meals and accommodation for one fisherman to attend training/working sessions about conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

This project can be visited during the entire year. However, since this is a regional initiative, the visiting seasons will vary from one country to another. It takes approximately from 2 - 6 hours by bus (depending on the country) to get to the marine protect area (project site). Please contact Claudio Gonzalez ([email protected]) to put you in contact with the people responsible in each country if you are interested in arranging a visit.

What To Bring

Cash for local tourism guides is always welcome.

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