Teach Soccer and Life Skills to 300 Kibera Teams

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Buy a second-hand soccer boot.

Sports for Life Programme is an NGO (non-governmental organization), which was initiated by Sadili Oval Sports Academy, as a vehicle for direct engagement with underprivileged communities of the adjacent Kibera slums as well as rural communities in Nyanza, Rift Valley and the Coastal region. The Programme is based in Katwekera Village of Kibera, where we have built up community toilets and a makeshift office. For the moment, our offices are housed at Sadili Oval Sports Academy, and run by young volunteer coaches, who are beneficiaries of the programme through the years.

Sports for Life Programme has a proven track record of getting involved and delivering on its training targets and is recognised internationally as a successful example of a community centre that seeks to include the less fortunate in the community. We are very confident that this project will succeed in promoting poverty alleviation and gender equality amongst the under-privileged in Kibera. Since the inception of the programme, we have trained more than 7,000 children and youth for 11 years in sports, HIV and environment, 81 are now working as coaches, 56 are national players, and 7 are playing college sports. 

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Children play in unsafe grounds and soccer boots will provide healthy protection.

Contact us will be guided to the grounds (we train in different sites on different days, all year round. Call +254727843864, or email: [email protected] and place a booking. The start-off is from Sadili Oval Sports Academy, and takes 2 hours to complete a visit, which includes training with the kids, and visiting their facilities and homes with a secure guide, within Kibera. Secure overnight stay in the Katwekera slum to experience the life of the children there can also be arranged.

What To Bring

Please bring simple gifts that children will use, footballs, stockings, pads, gloves, storybooks.

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