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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

Books for a child for half a term.

This project will pay school tuition for 618 children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, providing enough exercise books, pens and pencils.
Hundreds of thousands of families in Wakiso District of Uganda have lost breadwinners to HIV/AIDS. It has the highest numbers of orphans, and people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and are stuck in continuous poverty cycles. Orphans who lost their parents to HIV/AIDS and are currently staying with their needy relatives and helpless grand parents lack school tuition, scholastic materials and health care.
We operate a primary schools for 216 vulnerable children that provide meals, clothes, medical care, and have HIV/AIDS prevention program. In partnership with other schools, we also support 402 orphaned students with school tuition, scholastic materials and health care.
We will educate over 1000 vulnerable orphans, especially children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, who cannot afford an education at the primary and secondary level so as to reduce systemic poverty in their families by creating community-focused businesses, jobs, and social institutions.

Feeding a child for 30 days and purchasing books and pencils for one child for 45 days.

Kampala City, ask for Kira Town in Kira Town council,then ask for EDAPO Primary school in Kiwologoma village. Also contact Mr.Mark on cell phone no: 256785045552 and [email protected] for directions while in Kampala city.

What To Bring

Any food,gifts or scholastic materials.

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