PeacePlayers International Northern Ireland

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Helping Children, Community Development, Sports
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PeacePlayers International - Northern Ireland (PPI - NI) is an independently registered cross-community peacebuilding charity in Northern Ireland that uses sport – in particular, basketball – to unite and educate young people from Protestant and Catholic communities. By regularly competing together on mixed teams, children from these historically divided groups discover common ground and forge new friendships, while a mix of local and international facilitators help them adjust to the complexities that accompany growing up in a post-conflict society. In its last programmatic year, PPI - NI worked with roughly 900 participants, while providing services to eight of the ten most disadvantaged communities in Northern Ireland according to the Northern Ireland Statistic and Research Agency. All of PPI’s programs include an element of formal peace and leadership education, anchored by an innovative basketball-based curriculum developed in partnership with the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and the Arbinger Institute, a global center for the study of interpersonal conflict. The curriculum uses a combination of fun, on-court activities and guided discussion to teach young people a way of thinking about conflict and their role in society. It emphasizes “out of the box” thinking – a way of interacting with those around us that honors both others' humanity and our own responsibility for change.

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5 US Dollars helps to fund and continue the growth of PeacePlayers International. Through this donation PPI is able to purchase necessary equipment for our project.

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