PeacePlayers International South Africa

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Helping Children, Community Development, Sports
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5 US dollars can purchase a new basketball in one of our international sites.

PeacePlayers International - South Africa (PPI - SA) is an independently registered charity in South Africa that uses basketball to help the young people of KwaZulu-Natal overcome the two greatest threats they face today – HIV/AIDS and a lack of viable educational and employment opportunities. PPI - SA works with nearly 1,000 participants in its current programmatic year. In response to the staggering toll of HIV/AIDS on South Africa, and KwaZulu-Natal in particular, PPI - SA has augmented its peacebuilding program with an innovative life skills curriculum developed in partnership with the Harvard School of Public Health's Centre for the Support of Peer Education. Trained coaches serve as mentors as well as educators, functioning more as older brothers and sisters than authority figures. Skills sessions use a conversational format and interactive games to build trust, allowing PPI – SA to reach children even when discussing very sensitive topics, such as HIV/AIDS prevention, gender roles, and drugs and alcohol awareness. Behind all of PPI’s work is the proven methodology including frequent, long term integration, local leadership development, and peace and leadership curricula that has developed over a decade of bridging divides, developing leaders and changing perceptions.

A donation of 5 US dollars will allow PeacePlayers International to purchase a new basketball in any one of our international sites. This donation allows PPI to continue to grow and offer necessary equipment to participants.

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