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Helping Children, Education, Environment, Women and Girls
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Food for a week for a program participant in Morocco.

Location Casablanca, Morocco

From the low-income neighborhoods of Casablanca to the housing projects of the Bronx, there are numerous boundaries preventing teens from expanding their knowledge, having access to professional opportunities, and succeeding in a global society. Despite living in an interconnected world, youth remain excluded because of economical divides, lack of access to technology and discrepancies in public educational system.

The majority of low-income urban youth are absent from the global debate and lack the tools, the opportunities and the global perspectives on local issues needed in order to personally, socially and economically succeed in today’s world. Most of our participants do not have the means to use information and communication technologies as well as accessing other innovative media tools which hinders the achievement of their personal and professional development. Moreover, youth need to have access to knowledge, methods and tools to realize their rights and effectively impact their communities at the local as well as at the global level. 
Dounia Project (DP) currently connects youth from Casablanca, Morocco and the Bronx, New York.

Our project prepares youth for their professional development (college & job prep, proficiency of multimedia & digital tools) and for their global citizenship (developing global awareness, critical thinking skills and advocacy skills).

Visit our website for more information.

Our participants meet twice a week, these funds would allow us to provide them with food/nutritious snacks during program hours.

This project can be visited from September to July on Saturdays only from 9am to 12pm. It takes approx. 15 minutes in a taxi from downtown Casablanca. Please contact Loubna at +212 6 74183754 or [email protected] if you are interested in arranging a visit.

What To Bring

Books, magazines, flash drives and blank CDs are always welcome.

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