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Helping Community Development, Education, Women and Girls
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

$5 provides each girl her own "positive me journal kit".

Global Sorority works to improve the lives of girls and young women through supporting their growth and education with sustainable leadership development. Giving them the inner tools necessary to best utilize their own abilities and resources.

Global Sorority understands the complex cultural and economic realities that girls around the world are navigating. These issues won't change for them over night, that’s why our programming meets girls where they are, positively impacting their lives no matter what their culture or economic circumstance might be. 

Because our unique Elements Of Success training program is built around the development of self and the inner resources needed to succeed, young women can apply these skills throughout their lives. 

With internal skills development girls will: 
- Better utilize each level of their education.
- Build the confidence to compete in the workplace.
- Enhance their communication skills. 
- And see that they are of value! This realization alone will help create the societal shift needed in order to support true gender equality.

A girl must first believe she is worthy and worthwhile or all the formal education in the world will not have the impact we had hoped for. 

Along with our leadership training we also support gender awareness education through the Global Sorority documentary film series. It’s our goal to provide an online platform for girls to connect, receive mentorship and ongoing leadership development, as well as a sense of community and sisterhoods that the true meaning of Sorority embodies.

Each girl in our workshop is supplied with program learning materials, sustainable feminine hygiene kits, meals, and her own special "positive me journal kit" an important step to creating a new story.

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