The Mesoamerican Reef Rescue Initiative

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To purchase the required material to build 1/5 of a coral nursery device.

The proposed Meso American Reef Rescue Initiative (MAR-RESCUE) aims to support the long term ecologic and economic viability of the Mesoamerican Reef and the environmental services it provides. To this end, MAR-RESCUE would serve to develop the human capacity, regulatory environment, local economic incentives and financial sustainability needed to carry out sound, effective, and timely science-based coral reef rehabilitation and restoration.

To achieve its objective, MAR-RESCUE proposes to pursue the following strategies: 
1. Foster the nascent science and practice of coral reef restoration
2. Develop alternative livelihoods and new employment opportunities for local communities 
(especially aimed at youth and fishers) based on conservation rather than 
consumption of natural resources.
3. Secure government commitment to policies and regulations that make reef restoration 
possible and create the enabling conditions to carry out effective and timely 
restoration interventions
4. Secure sustainable, long term financing for both ongoing and emergency coral 
restoration interventions in participating countries

The MAR-RESCUE implementation period would be five years, with MAR Fund serving as its institutional home. All four countries of the MAR region, namely Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico would be invited to participate in the project. A Memorandum of Understanding would be signed with each country outlining the mutual commitments and responsibilities entailed by the project. Many of the activities would be held jointly among the countries such as training, workshops, etc., to achieve cost savings and synergies.

Most of the materials used for coral reef restoration can be picked-up at a grocery stores – pvc pipes, plaster, cement, soda bottles, and epoxy glue.

This project can be visited preferably from December to June, as the main part of the project takes place in Mexican protected areas and the hurricanes season is from late June thru late November. There is no restriction to visit during week days. In Mexico, it takes approx. one hour by car from the nearest city. Please contact Claudio Gonzalez at [email protected] if you are interested in arranging a visit.

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