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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

Can provide 20 kgs of Briquette for a month.

Our project is a synergy of non-profit and commercial activities. SORAK will focus on training, education, and sensitization. We will seek resource persons to provide training on the dangers of deforestation, fabrication of charcoal kilns, pryolyzing of dry biomass, briquetting, and basic business and marketing skills, as well as assists with market linkages. 

We shall also sensitize consumers used to wood-based charcoal to the benefits of charcoal briquettes. Beneficiaries will be introduced to briquette charcoal making packaging them, and selling them both locally and nationally. The hope is to create hundreds of entrepreneurs who will start their own briquetting businesses. These will also be mobilized into self help saving and credit schemes with the potential to generate own start-up credit and attract potential credit providers-commercial banks and micro credit institutions operating in the area.
By adopting the above strategy,we shall be able to adequately provide;information and create awareness on the available opportunities for youth entrepreneurial growth and development without necessarily seeking to migrate to urban areas,the youth with relevant skills and knowledge on how to actively engage self in productive and economic work,improve access to sources of business financing including giving priority to own generated business financing as well as providing an opportunity to shift much attention on farming on land that is already scarce and where youth have no direct control.

The strategy provides; skills, information, creates opportunities for linkages for markets, finance capital and growth of pre-existing enteprises.

The 20kgs will save a tree cut to produce 50 kgs of wood charcoal, only to be used in one week.

Can be visited during all days on appointment more especially during working days.It takes 2 hours from Kampala and 7 minutes from the nearest big town-Mubende.Please contact Muhammad at +256 703 515225 or at [email protected] if you want to visit.The site is accessible along a tarmac road that leads to Uganda's western tourist hub(Mt Rwenzori,Queen Elisabeth NP etc).

What To Bring

Whatever you prefer however, magazines on energy saving technologies would be greatly appreciated.

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