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Helping Community Development, Education
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Location Rosario, Pampas, Argentina

This project will tackle different topics: civic commitment, revalue the idea of public thigns and promoting culture. It is thought however as a social experiment. We will place libraries in different districts of Rosario with specific characteristics based on income, crime rates, etc. We will monitor the communities reactions to the idea and involve them into the maintenance of the libraries and count the books that are read and the impact on each person.

How will this project solve this problem?
It will give people the opportunity to experience the benefits of something public. Everyone can take books to read and absorb new knowledge and have more tools to face life in general. It is clear that access to information, inspiration and creativity are key to plan your own future, and not everybody in Argentina has that today.

The libraries have a cost of USD$100, that's the only cost related to the project really. All the rest is on volunteers basis and donations.

It can be visit in public spaces where the libraries are right now, Colectividades Park, Moreno y Saavedra and Pasco y Cochabamba streets.

What To Bring

Books to donate.

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