Food Sec for T'boli Families Sarangani Phil's

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Helping Children, Community Development, Health, Hunger, Women and Girls, Agriculture
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USD$5 will provide assorted vegetable seeds for a t'boli family.

Food insecurity describes the continual hunger periods and malnutrition, most especially among the children, of the 45 families of the T'boli tribe in Sitio Datal Basak, Sarangani Province. SIBAT in partnership with CLANS (Center for Lumad Advocacy & Services) would like to address the chronic food insecurity of the T'boli tribe by helping farmers develop their upland farms convert into organic farms - by providing farm tools, inputs and trainings in upland organic food production.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?
The T'boli farmers of Datal Basak have undeveloped practices in agriculture. They have many myths and beliefs that misguide them in their farming activities activities. They also lack resources for farm production such as draft animals, farm tools and implements, and seeds for planting. Oftentimes, their families experience perennial hunger due to the meager yield of their upland farms spelling of ten months of hunger periods or lean months.

How will this project solve this problem?
To develop a 2 hectare learning farm for the Datal Basak Organic Farmers Association (DABOFA). The farm will be the venue for knowledge and skills development on Sustainable Agriculture principles and technologies

The project aims to build capacities of the Tboli farmers in upland and diversified farming systems, thereby help increase their farm production and increase farm productivity thus addressing lean months while taking care of the environment.

USD$5 will provide assorted vegetable seeds for a t'boli family to start their own home-gardens that will provide them with their daily vegetables for food which is fresh, safe from chemicals and healthy.

For project area visits please coordinate with Sibol ng Agham at Teknolohiya (SIBAT), Inc. for travel arrangements. SIBAT can be contacted through [email protected]; and +639288316

What To Bring

Simple garden tools, vegetable seeds, fruit trees seedlings are most welcome, but the most important of all is just bring yourself and be part of their daily activities in the farm.

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