A New Beginning for 61 Families in Colombia

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Helping Community Development, Agriculture
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

Help buy safety equipment for cane grinders, to protect workers from injuries.

Los Medios is a small village located five hours from Medellin. Having endured a decade of violence, 61 families have returned to their homeland. However, things are different now. The confidence among residents has decreased and the Association that used to provide economic and social benefits to the community in the past, now is weak and disjointed, which shows that the war, besides disappearing economic activities, profoundly affected the social fabric that existed on the territory.

The project seeks to strengthen the Community's Association of Los Medios, whose mission is to provide economic and social benefits to 61 families who live and work nearby. Therefore, your donation will help us to make the Association's instruments of governance stronger, so its leaders start building up the confidence between the people. Your help will also improve the leader's administrative skills, and will provide agricultural inputs to the Community Store that belongs to the Association.

Every donation counts to make a difference. These people lost everything when violence displaced them from the country side to the city. Now they come back with nothing but hope in their pockets, therefore a donation of USD $5 will help them to improve and start re building their dreams.

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