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Helping Children, Community Development, Education, Health, Hunger, Women and Girls
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

US$5 pays education for a rural girl every month.

Girl Child Network Worldwide (GCNW) replicates a best practice model started by a school teacher Betty Makoni and prevented and protected over 350 000 girls in Zimbabwe from situations of harmful cultural practices, forced marriages, genital mutilation and exploitation. Whereas many others counted victims, we took a proactive and preventative approach and set up girls leadership and empowerment programs to strengthen the lives of poor and marginalised girls by supporting them with education and life skills so that they develop their potential into women leaders they are today. By taking a unique empowerment and proactive rather than welfarist or reactive approach, GCNW motivates girls to spearhead their own liberation.

The GCNW Empowerment Model has worked very well in Zimbabwe and in other parts of Africa like Uganda, Sierra Leone and South Africa.Its transformation into an international platform unites girls in their activism and allow them to speak out with one well coordinated voice, ensuring a clear worldwide leadership and solidarity on issues affecting the girl child. The organization has emerged out of the exploitative personal experiences undergone by girls and women around the world, and the resulting experience, passion, and commitment makes it possible to move seamlessly from the African village to the global village. GCNW is meant to be the centre of coordination and learning, and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and resources to girls in marginalised parts of Africa. We agreed that transformation of a girl who is poor and marginalised by providing leadership and empowerment skills in addition to basics she needs like food, school fees and shelter goes a long way in protecting her. Therefore we are focused on giving a fishing rod rather than a rod. So far our network has over 70 000 girls across Africa whose leadership in the home, school and community is supported by us. We work to bring the image of an African girl as a leader rather than a victim by facilitating, instilling and providing the means.

US$5 provides a preventive rape information kit for a girl, sanitary pads for menstruation for one month, writing books for one school term, girls attend leadership course weekly, bus fare to hospital to get HIV medication.

There are girls who are sexually abused. There is need to do prior arrangement with our coordinator on email [email protected] and state which country you wish to visit either Zimbabwe, Uganda, Sierra Leone or South Africa. Weekends are best to visit the Girls Empowerment projects because girls are not in school. During school days it is best to visit girls clubs.

What To Bring

Clothing, blankets, sanitary pads, food of any type, paint, new underwear, books, furniture of any type, soap, toothpaste, sewing machines, sewing materials, maize seed, fertilizer, hosepipes, bicycles,pens, bags , over the counter pain relief medication, household goods, second hand clothing.

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