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Seeds for a farmer to start a garden to feed his family.

Location Malakal, South Sudan

The Alaska Sudan Medical Project (ASMP) is a grassroots, Alaskan based organization that provides vital humanitarian aid to a remote, isolated region in South Sudan. With the mission of “saving lives through health, water and agriculture,” ASMP is addressing urgent basic needs in one of the most impoverished regions of the world. 

ASMP began when Alaskan doctor Jack Hickel visited a remote village called Old Fangak at the invitation of Dr. Jill Seaman, another Alaskan doctor who had been working there for over 20 years. What Dr. Hickel saw astounded him. In 17 years previously working in Africa, he had never seen this level of poverty and lack of infrastructure. In just a ten day period Jack watched several villagers die from preventable diseases and malnutrition. Thirty years of civil war had devastated South Sudan.

Dr. Hickel returned back to Alaska determined that he was going to help. In 2008 he recruited a group of dedicated local volunteers to start the Alaska Sudan Medical Project. 

ASMP has four main strategies to improve health, develop livelihoods, and bring a new hope to South Sudan:
- Build medical clinics and infrastructure,
- Develop clean water sources,
- Support farmers to meet food needs, and
- Provide training to locals to address long-term sustainability.

The Alaska Sudan Medical Project has had a tremendous impact in the region in the last several years by helping locals meet their most basic needs: health care, clean water, sustainable food. With this small investment in the people of Old Fangak, and their resilience and determination, they have a renewed hope for a future of peace, security and prosperity.

Seeds for a farmer to start a garden to feed his family.

Volunteers can visit Old Fangak during the dry season from November to April. For more information on the details of volunteering, visit

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