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Helping Children, Community Development, Education, Health, Hunger, Women and Girls, Agriculture
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Seeds for a home garden.

Location Managua, Nicaragua

Our mission is to help impoverished Nicaraguans break the cycle of intergenerational poverty by providing real opportunities for economic, social, educational, and spiritual growth.

VNDF focuses on five areas to help impoverished Nicaraguans.  We help our partners address the root causes of poverty by providing increased access to education, employment, economic development, healthcare, and agricultural development.

Education - We provide children and teenagers with access to an education by helping finance K-12 schools, vocational training and at-risk youth mentoring programs.  Increasing a person’s educational opportunities and achievement is directly linked to reducing poverty.

Employment - We provide teens, single mothers and unemployed adults with job skills training, small business skills training, as well as periodic and sustained employment.

Economic Development - We provide ministry projects and entrepreneurs with critically-needed “seed” money to fund small business development as well as donated items to sell on micro-consignment in order to increase a family’s income.

Healthcare - We coordinate in-kind donations and financial partnerships for Verbo’s clinic and surgical center to ensure that orphaned children, at-risk teens, and impoverished adults are able to access free or affordable healthcare.

Agricultural Development - We provide funding, technical expertise, and market access to small and medium-sized landholders so they can better manage their natural resources, market their products, and increase their income; we also train at-risk youth in agronomy to ensure them future employment.

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Seeds for a poor, single mother to plant a home garden which will increase her family's food security and provide her with an income stream by selling her produce in the local community.

If you're interested in visiting any of VNDF's projects in Nicaragua email [email protected] and we will provide all the necessary information.

What To Bring

School supplies, summer clothes, and diapers are always welcome at the orphanage which is the center of our efforts.

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