Educate a Child, Empower a Mother in Rural Peru

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Helping Children, Education, Women and Girls
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Materials for mother´s workshop.

Location Cusco, Cusco Region, Peru

Yachay Wasi is an early education center,for children from 1 to 6 years old where the needs, the singularity and the rhythm of each child are respected.

In Yachay Wasi we welcome the children with love, affection and respect. We offer a healthy environment, which responds to the real needs of small children, with activities that allow them to understand the world through their own experience, through doing, playing, experimenting with their senses. We emphasize and encourage organic and nutritious food. We provide a high quality education which is open, fair, inclusive and flexible, rescuing the local traditions and the Inca heritage for children from the poorest areas and its adjacent communities in Ollantaytambo.

We also run a psychological program to treat and prevent domestic violence. A psychologist currently works with parents and this year we also want to offer therapies for children, as it is a huge need.
We also run workshops for parents where they can learn about issues related to their children's upbringing and education.

We support single mothers and encourage them to work. This year we want to create a women cooperative where mothers could learn different crafts, wich will permit them to contribute to family economy.

Materials like wool for one workshop for 20 mothers.

The early education center can be visited form April to mid December, from monday to friday, from 9am to 1pm, previous date. Please contact Guillermina at +51 991724656 or [email protected] if you are interested in arranging a visit. Please be aware that the most important for us is to respect children, so we can´t interrupt their activities, distract them or take pictures directly to them.

What To Bring

Paints, paper, garden tools, milk, books, a camera, whole wheat flour (as we make our own bread) are always welcome.

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