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Helping Children, Community Development
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Contribute to purchase of an old radio.

Cambodia does not have a juvenile justice system. Children aged 14-18 are tried in the adult criminal justice system and are subsequently detained and imprisoned in adult prisons. Approximately 95 children are held in Siem Reap prison where numerous issues threaten their rights, despite Cambodian and international laws to the contrary.

This Life Beyond Bars (TLBB) operates three different projects (Vocational Training Project, Family Support Project and Community Development Project) designed to improve outcomes for minors in prison and their families and communities.

The program is designed to increase awareness of human rights issues facing communities in Cambodia, and to help communities advocate for their rights. 

To bring together individuals, families, communities and existing sub-national mechanisms to create awareness, knowledge and the capability to work together to take sustainable action on issues relating to the criminal justice system.

Increase access to education for children in prison.
- Increase the resilience of families affected by the criminal justice system.
- Strengthen the connection between local government mechanisms and the community regarding issues related to criminal justice.

For more information visit our website.

$5 will contribute to the purchase of an old radio to be used by students in the Vocational Training Project.

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