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Helping Children, Education, Health, Women and Girls
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You donation will help us reach out to more abused children.

Location Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Act for Kids, established as the Abused Child Trust in 1988, provides professional therapy to children and families who have experienced, or are at risk of child abuse and neglect.

All of our services are provided free of charge to clients, and we rely heavily on donations and fundraising to expand and develop our services to reach out to more children and families in need.

Statistics show the need it great - In one year alone, 40,571 Australian kids were abused or neglected. That’s one child every 13 minutes suffering from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse or neglect. Many of these kids get no professional help whatsoever, and end up with lifelong problems. But a small few find themselves at an Act for Kids centre.

Our unique multidisciplinary teams provide intensive therapy, sexual abuse counseling, safe houses in remote Indigenous communities, youth mentoring, family coaches and a preschool designed for children with additional development needs to ensure we set them up for success at school.

We provide intensive therapy services to kids in need, free of charge and that is why your donation is critical for us to keep our doors open and help more kids throughout Australia.

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