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Helping Arts, Children, Community Development, Education, Environment, Health, Women and Girls, Craft, Agriculture
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

Money raised purchases materials and resources to deliver the programs to the children.

30% of children in Australian schools are recognised as having some form of learning or behaviour disorder (ADD/ADHD etc). Circles of Learning supports children’s health and learning through holistic programs in schools, pre-schools and in community gardens.

Your contribution helps more children to have a brighter future. The programs give children a strong foundation to be healthier and develop whole brain learning, so they can focus and concentrate and enjoy the learning process.

Often creative children are left behind because they do not ‘fit’ into the system. Left unattended, their frustration and poor behaviour can develop into violence and addiction. These early learning programs bring children into a cohesive state and gives them an experience and understanding of how to build better brain function and a healthy body.

Your financial support gives more children the opportunity to discover their potential.

Each program delivered to a school, pre-school or community, comes with a detailed manual together with resources and materials needed to implement the program. Teachers and volunteers facilitate the programs.

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