Renovate for 2300 Underprivileged Lithuanian kids

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Helping Children, Community Development, Hunger, Women and Girls
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Food support for 10 large families (30-50 children) once per month or, non-formal education/training lesson for 5 families (15-25 children) or, one personal consultation for family, or one package of building materials.

Location Vilinus, Lithuania

Non-governmental non-profit organization of public office, The Centre for information and Support for large family was founded in 1997, by seven large families initiative.

Organization's mission: a comprehensive approach to family support, in particular with many children, as one of the most important public institutions, significant socialization of children and many social problems in the prevention or settlement of those problems.

In our organisation, we have look after more than 600 families, we have 3 employees and 70 volunteers.

Lithuania faces the highest poverty rates in Europe. Our current statistics show 1/3 large families have household income below the country's poverty level. To cut off poverty circle and reinvent children futures, underprivileged families need effective education, support and life skills training.

For this purpose, our organization wants to renovate 1000 sq.m. Community House for Families building (organization took credit from the bank and bought this building in 2002) and re-design it for unique 6-8 NGO's compound, what will be able to expand necessary services for families in the best way.

Project "Renovate for 2300 underprivileged Lithuanian kids" is important for reprojecting/redesigning the building (offices for 6-8 NGO's, classes, library, meeting hall, children/youth center, charity dining cafe, fitness center, shop for cheap supply, guests rooms for specialists, teachers, volunteers), energy-saving renovation of roof, walls, windows, heating/drainage systems, strengthening and expanding NGO compound, expanding existing services and creating possibility for long-term permanent services (education, support, training) for more families (from 600 to 800 or more families, from 1500 to 2300 or more children), introducing new services and methods according changing needs.

Food support (high nutritional values) for 10 large families (30-50 children) once per month, totally supported about 100-120 poor families per month or,

Non-formal education/training lesson for 5 families (15-25 children) - once-twice per month different educational activities for families, youth, kids or,

One personal consultation for family (social worker, art therapist, psychologist, etc.) or,

One package of building materials (brick plus brick - will be the building).

This project can be visited every day from Monday till Friday from 11:00 till 17:00, on Saturdays from 11:00 till 14:00. Other time is available upon the request. Contact person Regina Sevelkaitiene +370 686 52050, contact e-mail: [email protected] Please, call or e-mail one day before. We are directly in the city (Klaipeda), public transport is good organized. From Vilnius and Klaipeda we are 320 km, minibus/bus system is well organised.

What To Bring

Pens, different materials for handcrafts, toys, clothes, shoes.

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