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Helping Community Development, Education
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This Life Cambodia is focused on sustainable educational development projects that directly benefit the lives of children and their communities in Cambodia. Conducting Community Research is a fundamental component that enhances This Life Cambodia's ability to address complex issues such as cost barriers to education. Research provides useful information so that it can more effectively deliver programmatic activities, and ensures This Life Cambodia is on-track to meet its mission.|


The Community Research and Consultancy Program (CRCP) at This Life Cambodia provides information and services on issues affecting the provision of public education and human rights in Cambodia to the communities, NGOs, government ministries, academics, and the general public at large. Through the activities of CRCP, which compile the knowledge of This Life Cambodia, more people and organisations are better prepared, equipped, and able to make informed decisions about educational development issues.


(1) To conduct research on areas that directly relate to This Life Cambodia programs.

(2) To monitor and evaluate This Life Cambodia programs to ensure they are meeting their goals and objectives and are in accordance with This Life Cambodia's mission.

(3)To consult with third-party individuals or organisations involved in educational development in Cambodia.


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