HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh

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Helping Children, Health, Women and Girls
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

$5 provides prenatal Vitamins for an Expectant Mother for one Month.

HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh was established in 1999 and runs a 40-bed charitable hospital, 8 rural medical centers and a training center in southeast Bangladesh near the border of Myanmar.


HOPE Foundation serves the impoverished women and children who could otherwise not afford care. The main focus of HOPE is to drive down maternal and infant mortality, as it is highest here than in any other part of the country. Over 90% of women give birth at home, at the hands of untrained birth attendants.


HOPE provides comprehensive women's and children's health care, as well as provides specialized care, builds the local capacity through training of local health workers, and engages in critical maternal health research. Through HOPE's international partners it provides specialized care in: obstetric fistula repair, cleft lip/palate repair, burn and and trauma. 


In the next five years HOPE aims to transform the maternal health landscape through our existing projects, the continuous training of midwives and community health workers, and the establishment of 100 birthing huts where we can deploy our midwives to serve the need of the local women. HOPE provides unparalleled care to the women and their families where we operate.

$5 provides the prenatal vitamins necessary to ensure mother and baby's nutrition and health, as well as prevent birth defects such as cleft lip/palate that results from a lack of folic acid.

The project can be visited any time. The hospital is located 15 minutes by taxi or tut tut from Cox's Bazar, the tourist town by the beach. If coming from Chittagong, the travel time is one hour. To set up a visit to the project, please email Ashley Pugh, Program Officer at: [email protected]

What To Bring

Vitamins, toys for the kids, kid's clothing, coloring books, and crayons are always welcome and appreciated by the hospital patients.

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