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Support the wellbeing of children with HIV in South Africa.

The My Living Positively booklets have been in high demand recently as organisations see others using the booklets.

The information and guidance given in both the adult and child versions have been shown to be invaluable in communicating to children how to live with HIV positively as well as how adults can effectively support children living with HIV.

The books include information such as what is HIV, how to live with HIV, understanding ones changes in the body from HIV, understanding medicines (especially Antiretrovirals), HIV and discrimination, how best for adults to speak to children of different ages about HIV, and much more. Throughout the book there are opportunities to creatively participate with the educational material including drawing and colouring in.

Yezingane Network is a civil society network of networks made up of organisations working to address the impact of HIV and AIDS on children, families and communities. The Network represents the Children’s Sector on the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC), and is one of nineteen Sectors that constitute the Council.

This project supports improved well-being of children living with HIV by supplying the locally created, child-friendly, HIV health and wellness book - My Living Positively Handbook.

Travellers can make arrangements via email at [email protected]. They can also give us a call on 031 2662384 or drop us a message on our Facebook Page: Yezingane Network or Twitter Page. Our twitter handle is: @Yezingane

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