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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

$5 will provide a day or a week's worth of oncology medicine for a child, depending on the type of chemotherapy treatment.

Location Harare, Zimbabwe

Kidzcan is the only organization in Zimbabwe dedicated to increasing the survival rate of children with cancer and associated blood disorders.

Pediatric oncology is an expensive area of medicine, and because of the socio-economic environment present in Zimbabwe, families of children living with cancer and associated blood disorders cannot afford diagnostic services, treatment and care.

In response to the need, Kidzcan supports the Ministry of Health and Childcare by providing essential and lifesaving services, including funding for diagnostic imaging and laboratory tests, oncology medication, and blood products, as well as transport support for families to support compliance of treatment. We also hold early detection workshops with clinicians throughout the country to educate them about the early warning signs and symptoms of childhood cancer. Kidzcan also runs a comprehensive psychosocial support programme that targets children, their families, and hospital clinicians.

Kidzcan believes that children deserve the right to the fight to survive cancer, and that there is a future.

$5 multiplied by many donors can make the difference to many children living with cancer in the fragile state of Zimbabwe. There is no funding for pediatric oncology within the national budget of the country and as such all funds donated to Kidzcan are critical to the care and treatment of children battling cancer.

Contact the organization at least one month in advance at [email protected].

What To Bring

Toys for the children, toothpaste, soap and other hygienic products for children treated on the wards.

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