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Helping Children, Community Development, Education, Sports, Women and Girls
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School tutoring, instruments, sporting fees, transport to activities, educational opportunities, and music tuition.

Compass Housing Services is Australia’s largest Community Housing Provider. As a leader within the Australian Housing Sector, we operate a program called GROW A Star – an exciting initiative that provides children and young people with access to sporting, musical and academic activities which will enhance their life opportunities.

Our focus is to identify and support young people that show an eagerness, talent or passion to develop their skills in a chosen field and fulfil their dreams. Providing these opportunities for children and youth can also break down barriers of social exclusion, which often face those in community housing.

Recent statistics suggest that around 2.6 million (11.8%) Australians live under the poverty line with poverty twice as prevalent in single parent households as it is for households of couples with children. That’s why the GROW A Star program is so important – it encourages generational change through providing life-changing opportunities for identified children and young people who would otherwise not have these opportunities.

We have already had success in providing laptops and tutoring for students, instruments for aspiring musicians, and opportunities for talented young sports people to compete at national levels. This is just the beginning - with your help through Travel Giver, the Compass Housing GROW A Star Program can expand and help more young people achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Contribution toward all of the small costs that often deny young people the opportunity to pursue their dreams – this includes small fees to get involved in local youth groups, sporting fees, and transport to receive training and development.

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