Kshamawati Higher Secondary School Hostel

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Assist with the costs associated with the construction of the hostel.

Located in North Eastern Nepal, 15kms North of Charikot is the village of Suspa Kshamawati, home predominantly to the ethnic group of people called Thamis.  

The Thamis people of this region face the challenge of limited access to education and it is estimated 78% of the population are illiterate. The Kshamawati Higher Secondary School has 470 students enrolled from infant to year 12. Because the parents of these students are mostly uneducated the home environment is not conducive for study, with priority given to helping their parents with daily domestic duties. As the students approach their teenage years the number of students attending school drops. The school management is building a hostel to provide residential facilities for the marginalized village students for better tutoring and collective study under the guidance of the teachers. 

Additionally, the hostel will enable students from further afar to attend school. Our group of volunteers will assist with the construction of the walls on the ground floors of the girls’ wing of the building.

The purchase of the building equipment and materials, the transport of the materials to the village and the wages of local trades person to oversee the project work.

This specific project takes place on 15 February 2016.  However if you'd like to arrange a private group community project at this school (there must be more than two people) please email [email protected] 


What To Bring

Pens, notepads, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, educational games.

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