Action Pour Les Enfants Cambodia

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Helping Children, Community Development, Education
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

More child protection, less child sexual abuse.

Action Pour Les Enfants [APLE] is a child’s rights non-governmental organization that was founded and registered in France in 1994 and it started its operations in Cambodia in 2003 after partnering with NGO Global Humanitaria Spain to implement the “PROTECT Project” there. APLE works to reduce all forms of sexual abuse and labor exploitation through prevention, protection and promotion of prosecution. Partnering closely with the Cambodian National Police and international law enforcement, APLE assists in the rescue of victims of child exploitation. With a dedicated team of lawyers, social workers and investigators, APLE seeks to rehabilitate and attain justice for victims. Between 2003 and 2013 a total of 562 victims were rescued and 248 offenders were arrested and brought to justice as a result of APLE’s operations. Several hundred more vulnerable children and family members have been supported by the PROTECT Project. APLE implements all activities necessary to fulfill the achievement of its vision and mission statement.

A community where everyone is free from abuse and exploitation.
To reduce all forms of sexual abuse and labor exploitation through prevention, protection, promotion of prosecution and advocacy.

In close working relationships with international and local law enforcement agencies, APLE runs one of the largest and most comprehensive programs preventing child sexual abuse and exploitation in the country. Consisting of a team of undercover informants, experienced child protection investigators, social workers, and attorneys, APLE provides protection against child sexual abuse and support for victims from the streets to the courts.

$5 contributes to the presence of child protection agents monitoring suspicious behaviors and signs of abuse on the streets, prevention of abuse, after care of victims and their families, and prosecution of offenders.

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