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Food subsidy for 10 days for one child.

In Cambodia, the sale of a child - for commercial sexual exploitation or cheap labour - can become a serious consideration for a family living in extreme poverty. Sunshine Cambodia works to prevent this outcome amongst struggling, marginalised families in southern Phnom Penh. More positively, we seek to create better solutions for the whole family, using a 'hand-up' rather than 'hand-out' approach. We walk beside our children and families, as they work to build brighter futures for themselves. Sunshine stands as a beacon of hope to the community it serves.

The Sunshine program supports both holistic child development and holistic family and community development.

Child Development Program
Sunshine's Child Development Program is directly responsible for getting more Cambodian children off of the streets and into the classrooms. This is done through a unique partnership between Sunshine, community schools, and local families.

Family & Community Development Program
After many years of focusing on the needs of children, Sunshine now works with their parents as well. Most Sunshine parents have little education, few employment opportunities and low, irregular income - usually just a few dollars per day. In developing the parent's independence and capacity, risk to the children is minimised and there is far greater likelihood of a strong outcome for the whole family.

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Parents receive cash support to ensure each of their children have a variety of nutritious food for approximately 10 days.

All visits must be pre-arranged by contacting Mr Channy Nop and all visitors must sign our visitor's child protection policy and visitor's book.

Email ([email protected]) to organise a visit.

What To Bring

In-kind donations of stationery, soap, toothbrushes etc. are most easily purchased in the local markets. However, due to the large numbers of children and families we support, it is not practical to bring gifts, however cash donations are always gratefully received!  

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Sunshine Cambodia has a very good reputation in Cambodia for quality, grassroots community work.