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A tuk tuk to collect up to 6 children with special needs and bring him to our Arts centre.

Epic Arts is an arts based NGO that was established in 2001 . We run projects in the UK and Cambodia and China. 
Epic Arts promotes integration of people of all abilities and disabilities using the arts as a form of expression, transformation and empowerment; celebrating the creative potential of those with whom we work. 
Epic Arts believes in a world where Every Person Counts (EPiC) and where people living with disabilities are valued, accepted and respected.

Epic Arts has 3 main areas of work:
- Inclusive Education
- Community Arts
- Social Enterprise

1. Inclusive Arts Education (2 Programs)
The Inclusive Arts Course
Students from the deaf, disabled and non-disabled community are taking part in a 2 year Arts based education program in Dance, Theatre, Art and Literacy. Epic hope the IAC students become advocates for a more inclusive society in the Future.
The Special Education Project
Offers creative and educational programs to children and young people with Learning disabilities in Kampot. 3 classes meet 4 times a week & and students develop life skills, participate in creative arts, learn literacy and numeracy, and develop friendships.

2. Community Arts (4 programs)
Epic run workshops and shows to encourage participation and access to Epic Arts services and education programs:
* Rainbows – Fully inclusive performance group that meet every Friday
* Independent Stars – Performance group for young people with learning disabilities
* Epic Sundays – A Bi-weekly Arts session open to the community
* Epic Showcase – A quarterly event to show the community what our students have been upto.

3. Social Enterprise (3 Programs)

Epic Arts want to be sustainable and not rely purely on donor funding. The profits from our social enterprise businesses are reinvested into Epic to help our work to continue:
Epic Arts Cafe’
A model for an inclusive working environment within the community, serving food and drink to travellers, expats and locals alike.
Epic Encounters
The first fully inclusive contemporary dance company in SE Asia. The team create performances based on issues facing Cambodia and deliver disability awareness workshops throughout Cambodia
Art by …
Small businesses selling work created by some of our talented students.

Our Special Education project invites children and parents of children with Learning disabilities to attend classes at Epic Arts where they learn to express themselves and learn via arts based education. $5 pays for a tuk tuk to collect upto 6 students from the local area and bring them to the centre.

We encourage travellers to engage with our projects via The Epic Arts Cafe' in Kampo where they can support our work by buying food,drinks and handicrafts. Travellers can learn about our programs, communicate with our staff and some of our students and even learn a little Cambodian Sign Language. Please do not visit the arts centre itself without prior arrangement with a member of senior staff.

What To Bring

Please bring a smile and spend a little time communicating with our deaf Cafe' staff. They really do appreciate it.

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