Ethical Travel to Africa with TravelGiver

Africa has long been a popular destination amongst those who are fascinated by exotic wildlife, gorgeous sweeping landscapes and diverse local cultures. These days, there are hundreds of opportunities to not just see Africa from a distance, but to also If you are considering voluntourism or a holiday and want to know more about philanthropic travel to Africa, TravelGiver is a great place to start.

Essentially, TravelGiver channels the commission money which otherwise would have gone into a travel agent’s pocket, to a grassroots charity or community organisation. It’s the most flexible, customisable way to travel and donate to Africa’s best causes at the same time. You get to book the flights, transfers and accommodation of your choice through our trusted partners, then choose which organisation you’d like to benefit from your booking.

There are also ways to build on your involvement with your chosen beneficiary organisation. When you book responsible travel to Africa, check the visitor details of each organisation – you may be able to visit and see how they use your money to benefit the environment or community in the area. Most will require bookings, so make sure you book for a date that fits in with your itinerary. You may even be able to volunteer for an extended period, should you so choose.

For further information about charity travel to Africa, start with the How TravelGiver Works page.