Build Shelter for 3 Elderly Grandmothers in Uganda

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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

Provide 15kg of building cement.

The project will build a permanent home for three elderly grandmothers and their surviving family members on their own piece of land. The beneficiaries are elderly widowed women, with grand children whose parents have succumbed to the deadly HIV/AIDS disease that remains a big challenge in Uganda. These grandmothers have to fend for their families' other needs and are faced with a lack of housing challenge. They need shelter, they need a place to call home.

There are many people who are homeless in Uganda. Some are in old houses that can collapse on them at any given time. Although family members in Africa are expected to provide for the Elderly until their death, the old tradition is fast changing given that some parents outlive their children especially in this era of HIV/AIDS. In the event that this occurs, the elderly grand parent takes on the role of bread winner again, for the orphaned grand children and this is a big challenge for them.

The project will provide permanent shelter/housing to these elderly grand mothers who have a challenge of taking care of their orphaned grandchildren. The project will try to meet these grandmother's housing needs by constructing a permanent house, a small kitchen and a pit latrine on the beneficiaries own piece of land.

$5 buys cement for mixing with sand or pay the builder for the construction work.

The project can be visited at any convenient time for the travel ob condition that he/she places an appointment. It is about 6 hours drive by bus from Kampala City. Please contact Andrew on +256772445180 or email [email protected] if you are interested to arrange a visit.

What To Bring

Sugar, milk, cakes, salt, soap, vaseline for the elderly grand mother and her grand children are very welcome.

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