Education For 100 Girls In An Urban Slum In India

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Helping Children, Education, Women and Girls
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

Can provide school books for one child.

The project provides education for 100 Girls from poverty stricken families in slum area of Andhra Pradesh, India. It provides free books, school uniform and life skills and productive skills training.
The people live in this slum area work as daily wage labourers. Due to poverty they do not send their children to school. In some families, the girls are taken out of school to help parents in caring for the younger siblings, fetching water and cooking. During the season, the girl child is taken to work in the fields to support their parents. Child Rights are not protected and exposed to violations. Girls are dropped out from school because parents arrange child marriages.
This project has established a pre-school education centre in the target slum area Ranga Reddy District, India. The project provides school books, school uniforms and provides life skills for their knowledge and productive skills for learning activities.
This project will educate 100 girls of poverty stricken families of a urban slum area and provides life skills education and productive skills training to live independently with dignity.

One child can be provided with complete set of books, including all school needs for one year.

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