Educate 200 War and HIV or AIDS Orphaned Ugandan Girls

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Helping Women and Girls
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Provide lunch/food for one child for a week.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?
Beneficiaries are 200 Ugandan girls in Lira district , orphaned and displaced as a result of a 21-year armed conflict. They are poor, lack access to education, are engaged in exploitative work conditions and conduct transactional sex for a livelihood. Displacement has destroyed the social fabric and disrupted their education. This has increased their risks to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. Some of them are heads of their households and child mothers.
How will this project solve this problem?
200 girls will be withdrawn from exploitative work and provided with education, lunch, school materials, school uniforms and vocational start up kits. Counseling support, school and home visits and basic health care will be offered.
Potential Long Term Impact
Displaced and orphaned children will be able to read and write; communicate; develop their intellect; improve socializing skills and realize their right to education. They will have potential to earn income, leave meaningful and positive lives.

Provide lunch to an HIV/AIDS infected or affected girl for a week. This enables the girl to take her drugs on daily basis while at school.

This project is located Lira in the part Northern of Uganda. It is approximately 350 kilometers from Kampala or approximately seven hours drive by public transport. Kindly contact [email protected] if are interested in visiting.

What To Bring

Shoes, t-shirts, sanitary towels, pens and any other items that a 8 to 14 year old girl can use.

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