Reproductive Health Integrated Model, Family Planning

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Helping Children, Women and Girls
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50 condoms or a 5 month supply of the contraceptive pill.

In Guatemala, 50% of children under five are physically or mentally stunted due to chronic malnutrition, and the country's maternal mortality rate is the second highest in Latin America. The combination of poverty and lack of family planning creates a vicious circle in which families sink further into destitution, increasingly unable to meet their basic needs as the number of dependents increases. Working in some of the most isolated and impoverished communities in Guatemala, WINGS helps to break this cycle of poverty by providing subsidized family planning methods and comprehensive reproductive health education, enabling families to choose whether and when to have children. 

Although the Guatemalan government is legally obliged to provide reproductive health education in all schools and free contraceptives in all public health clinics, a lack of resources and political will mean that these services remain scarce. In order to maximize program impact, WINGS combines direct service provision with thorough educational outreach and capacity-building efforts to increase awareness and availability of reproductive health services. Operating a mobile medical clinic and a network of over sixty volunteer Family Planning Promoters, WINGS provides a range of short and long-term family planning methods as well as screenings to prevent cervical cancer in communities that are neglected by the state and other service providers. Simultaneously, WINGS trains individuals, families, youth, schoolteachers, health workers, community leaders, and a variety of partner institutions to build a future in which every Guatemalan has knowledge of and access to family planning methods and reproductive health services.

WINGS can offer a choice of contraceptive options, enabling couples to space and plan pregnancies and, in the case of condoms, greatly reduce the risk of STI transmission.

Due to the sensitive nature of our work, WINGS is unable to offer field visits. However, we would be delighted to meet with any travellers interested in learning more about our work. We are also able to offer presentations and screenings of our new documentary film, Blessed Fruit of the Womb. We have an office in Antigua, Guatemala - please email or call Annie at [email protected]; (502) 7832-5130 (Guatemala); or 415-230-0441 (US) to arrange a visit.

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It would be best to talk in person about any in-kind gifts. Feel free to call Annie on the above numbers.

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