Tugeda Tude fo Tumoro, Together Today for Tomorrow, TTfT

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Helping Community Development, Education, Environment, Women and Girls, Agriculture
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$5 supports an extra participant in training to develop sustainable community livelihoods.

Tugeda Tude fo Tumoro - Together Today for Tomorrow (TTfT) - Inclusive and Environmentally Sustainable Communities

Logging, mining and fishing in the Solomon Islands is occurring at unsustainable levels, damaging local ecosystems and impacting on people’s livelihoods.

Live & Learn is improving the capability of communities to protect their own natural resources, through improved management, the development of livelihood alternatives to resource exploitation, and through supporting communities to stand together against the logging and fishing industries. The project is also promoting gender equity in resource control that has positive impacts for the whole community.

With project support and training two communities have successfully halted illegal logging activities in their area. In other communities, four logging companies have ceased operations or failed to start, due to coordinated community opposition.

Community-managed ‘sustainable use areas’ are now operating, where the community works together to set rules and sustainably manage their natural resources. Many groups have also established local alternative livelihood enterprises, such as organic farms and an eco-lodge. Livelihood activities have involved the establishment 18 women-led savings clubs, (with 599 active members), which have supported 52 new income generating activities through their loans.

$5 supports extra participation in savings clubs, alternative livelihood ventures, and training programs. It contributes to a shift towards sustainable livelihoods and natural resource management, reducing reliance on the destructive logging and fishing industries.

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