IDEA Foundation's Computer Literacy Class for 30 Rural Indian Girls

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Helping Education, Women and Girls
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Study material for a girl.

Location Pune, West India, India

Computer literacy and English language training can make a big difference to employment seeking rural girls. Computers can transform their lives by ending their marginalizing. It is our dream to provide these young girls with free Basic Computer Training with English language training which will be instrumental in furthering their chances of finding dignified jobs. It will make them a part of the mainstream global youth along with the feeling of empowerment.

To help these girls find better paying jobs and to help them live a life of dignity, our project will provide computer training to 30 interested young girls ( per year ) in Microsoft word, Excel, Paint, Internet browsing etc with English language training. Later on training in Data Entry and Accounting will be provided to those showing promise. At the end of the course 10 toppers will receive a low cost tablet PC (AAKASH a.k.a Ubislate 7+) so that they can continue learning from their home.

This Programme will provide girls with useful, relevant and quality computer training which will help them in finding better paying respectable jobs in the fields of Data Entry, Accounting, Retail or as office assistants and security guards in multinationals. This we believe can help them live a life of dignity and confidence and also help arrest the problem of under-employment in our country.


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It can provide study material for a girl or can partially cover her computer class fee.

Travellers can visit project, please visit our website for more details.

What To Bring

Related books, presentations or low cost tablet PCs.

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