Building a School in Haiti

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Helping Community Development, Education
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

Access to education for a child for a week.

We build schools with villages that have historically had no adequate school structure – where students are squeezed into dark and crumbling mud huts, or are taught under trees when the weather permits, or have to walk multiple miles to a neighboring village, or can’t attend school at all. Each school built will not begin construction without the community's promise for gender equality in enrollment. BuildOn has built 41 schools in Haiti, the country ranked poorest in the Western Hemisphere, since 2001, and strives to continue contributing to the education of young Haitian students. 

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Will provide a student in Haiti access to quality education for one week or 2 bricks to build the walls of a school under construction.

The constructed school would be finished in the village called Vilou, but donate enough to fund the school (or organize a group to raise $35,000) and join our Trek for Knowledge Program to come with buildOn to the ground breaking of construction!

What To Bring

Books always welcome.

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