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Helping Children, Education, Health, Hunger, Women and Girls
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Provides vitamins and preventative medicine to one child for 1 month.

All As One saves the lives of orphaned and abandoned children in Freetown, Sierra Leone. In a nation where thousands of children are left to survive on their own, All As One is a vibrant Children's Center for 75 to 85 infants and children. We provide these kids with a home, three meals a day, an on-site school, medical care, counseling, and most of all ... a family.
All As One is the last chance for many children in Sierra Leone. In fact, there are no government-funded children's services, which means that without All As One, children would end up on the streets of Freetown. Among All As One's core services are the following:

- The All As One Children's Center provides complete care for Sierra Leone’s most vulnerable children. In addition to 24-hour crisis response and care, our children receive specific and appropriate help including shelter, nutrition, medical care and education. With a staff of over 35 Sierra Leoneans, All As One is there for children, around the clock. For many of our children, this is the first sense of home they have ever experienced.

- The All As One School enrolls children living at the Center and others in the surrounding community and provides preschool, kindergarten, primary and junior secondary classes. We teach children English, mathematics, literature, social studies, science, arts and physical education. The school employs teachers from the local community who bring cultural relevance to the lessons.

- The All As One Medical Clinic helps keep Sierra Leonean children and families healthy by providing preventative intervention and medical treatment. Our professionally staffed clinic gives much-needed medical treatment to infants, children, and adults. We have registered nurses on staff, and direct access to local doctors where needed. Our medical clinic serves our children and others from the Freetown community.
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Sierra Leone has one of the highest infant and child mortality rates in the world. YOU can make a difference for the children in Sierra Leone by providing them with a month's worth of daily vitamins and preventative medicines for only $5!

Visiting the Children's Center requires prior approval and a set appointment. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in arranging a visit.

What To Bring

Children's clothing and shoes are always needed.

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All as one has provided countless children with more than food, clothing and a bed. They have provided these children with education, loving support, and the opportunity to dream about a better future they otherwise would never imagine. The difference between hope and despair in the lives of these children and others waiting for the opportunity to be a part of this program, is simply the finances that caring individuals and organizations are willing to provide. This worthy program deserves your support!