JHPIEGO Improving Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

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Helping Children, Health, Women and Girls
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Can help educate and equip a midwife.

In the Philippines - a country of more than 96 million people and more than 7,000 dispersed islands - it is often difficult for healthcare workers to reach those in need of care, especially those most at risk – women and children.
Every mother deserves to experience pregnancy and childbirth in the safest possible conditions. Every baby deserves to grow up with the love and comfort of a mother’s arms.  Jhpiego is helping to make this a reality.
Jhpiego, an international non-profit global health affiliate of The Johns Hopkins University, works to carry out one simple mission - to prevent the needless deaths of women and their families in the developing world.
Nearly every day, in cities and villages around the world, thousands of healthcare workers are saving lives through Jhpiego-led programs in areas such as cervical cancer prevention, HIV/AIDS, and malaria and tuberculosis prevention and treatment.
They’re equipping midwives with the skills to save women from bleeding to death in childbirth, to breathe life into an unresponsive newborn, to prevent an HIV-positive mother from passing the virus to her unborn child, and so much more. 
In areas throughout the world, too many mothers are still forced to give birth at home, alone and afraid.  They are often too far from the nearest clinic or they simply have no money to pay for care.  In places where access to healthcare is scarce, Jhpiego is dedicated to ensuring that every woman – no matter where she lives – receives the quality healthcare she deserves.

Every day, approximately 800 women die during pregnancy and childbirth.  A well-prepared midwife can help ensure that more mothers are giving birth in safe conditions with help by their side.

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