IRODA Parents of Children with Autism Initiative

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An Early Intervention Session for a child with Autism.

"IRODA - Parents of Children with Autism Initiative" is working to establish services and support for people with Autism in Tajikistan. Until very recently in Tajikistan Autism has not been recognized or diagnosed and children and their families have been without appropriate support. IRODA is working towards establishing the necessary services and is striving to see people with Autism treated with dignity and respect as valued members of society.

IRODA was founded in 2008 by a group of parents of children with Autism. Prior to the commencement of IRODA's work in Tajikistan, children with Autism were frequently misdiagnosed and prescribed inappropriate treatment. They were without access to therapy or educational services that meet their unique needs, and a lack of awareness and misunderstanding in the community led to children and their families experiencing stigma and isolation. 

IRODA advocates for the rights and interests of people with Autism, and endeavors to proved quality services appropriate for their unique needs. IRODA is doing this through Early Intervention Services, a program for children who are without access to educational services, parent support groups, collaboration with local education and health services, training, the provision of information on Autism and lobbying of legislators.

In the relatively short time since the commencement of it's pioneering work IRODA has seen dramatic changes in the lives of children with Autism in Tajikistan. IRODA appreciates that support of both individuals and organizations that have made this vital work possible, and will enable it to continue into the future.

Covers the cost of resources and staffing needed to provide a young child with Autism with a weekly early intervention session that promotes their learning and development

This project can be visited by travellers if arranged in advance. Please contact: [email protected]

What To Bring

Educational toys and children's craft supplies. Specific details can be given via email.

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