Enforcing Capacities and Developing Nubian Vaults Market in Senegal

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Helping Community Development, Education, Environment, Health, Women and Girls, Craft, Agriculture
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Contributes to the construction of new Nubian Vault.

Location Thies, Senegal

The challenge:? Based on UN figures, 100 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to decent housing - many families live in fragile tin-roofed shacks, and these are the lucky ones...Because of desertification and overpopulation, the bush timber and thatch used locally for building traditional roofs are no longer available, and corrugated iron sheets are obviously not a solution (too fragile, too hot, to expensive).

This is a huge problem, but AVN has the solution : “A ROOF, A SKILL A MARKET”

The solution: AVN (Nubian Vault Association) has designed an appropriate construction technique - Nubian Vaults - enabling people to build very comfortable houses, long lasting, cheaper and affordable, using only sun-dried mud bricks: NO WOOD, NO METAL, NO CEMENT.

In order to disseminate it, we propose to local authorities and NGOs the opportunity to pump-prime the market for this technique in the regions where they work.

And it works:? To date, in West and Southern Africa, around 272 entrepreneurs from the poorest communities have sold almost 2,000 such Nubian Vaults to their clients in over 300 villages, contributing US$1,5 million to local economies.

AVN's Progam, now in its 13th year, has been recognized by the World Bank, Tech Awards, Ashoka, the Schwab Foundation, Dubai International Awards, World Habitat Awards, and the Buckminster Fuller Institute.?

Please visit our website for more information.

Allows us to scale up and accelerate this green-housing revolution in Africa. By doing this, we broaden the access to decent housing, we provide good jobs to rural dwellers, we reduce drastically CO2 emissions and deforestation.

During the construction season that extends from September to May (the dry season) visiting Nubian Vaults construction sites are feasible. This allows people to meet the different stakeholders of the program and learn how to build a NV house. There are different construction sites near Thiès, Saint Louis, and Touba Dialo. Other way to spread the word, is to inform people about the program and its positive externalities. Those interested to visit the closest construction site during your holidays and to know more about AVN-Mali, please don't hesitate contacting Fanny DUPUIS, National coordinator of the program in Sénégal at [email protected] or call +221 77 881 79 55

What To Bring

The most important is to share this experience among the maximum of other travellers and local people and that way participate to the housing "re"volution in Africa !

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